There's lots happening at the Grants Pass Center for Spiritual Living!

On June 14th we had a very successful Annual General Membership Meeting. The Annual General Membership Meeting is always open to everyone and if you're interested in becoming a member, we have membership workshops and induction ceremonies twice a year, with one coming up in the fall. Please contact Rev. Michelle or a Board member, or pick up a membership brochure on the "Love in Action" counter in the sanctuary for more information.

We distributed a questionnaire at the meeting and if you weren't able to attend or complete the questionnaire we have one available for you online. You can find it at We'd like for Grants Pass Center for Spiritual Living to be the place where you are spiritually nourished. We'd like to know what that looks like for you. Together we'd like to create a spiritual home where we are all served and are willing to step up in ownership. Thank you for your participation. In love and gratitude ~ Rev. Michelle Ingalls

We offer a Build A Prayer page where you can build a personalized affirmative prayer with step by step guidance. Click on the Resources tab in the menu above, and then click on Build A Prayer. Also in the Resources tab you will find a link to submit an online prayer request. To assist you with Sacred Service we now offer a Volunteer Registration form, also in the menu above.

Check out the classes page for opportunities to study Science of Mind principles or the events schedule for a current listing of ongoing and special events at the center and as always, we have a list of the upcoming speakers for Sunday mornings. Rev. Michelle Ingalls has a new Blog - A Minister's Voice where she posts inspirational topics for discussion and you can now make secure donations online with PayPal. Be sure to sign up on our email list to get the latest newsletters right in your inbox.

The Grants Pass Center for Spiritual Living is a member of the United Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly know as United Church of Religious Science). United Centers for Spiritual Living belongs to a group of traditions known as "New Thought". Another new thought church you might be familiar with is Unity. Founded in the early 1900's we should not be confused with "New Age". Although some "New Age" individuals feel at home in our spiritual communities, we teach that there is only one source or power in the universe, and that power is God.

As a member of United Centers we are committed to the vision of "A World that Works for Everyone". It is our intention to go beyond tolerance to a place of understanding. We teach that there are many paths to God. We are often called the golden thread that runs through all major religious traditions. This is not to say that we do not have our own beliefs, we do indeed have a philosophical belief system, which is described in our "What We Believe Statement".

Our "What We Believe Statement" begins, "We believe in God, the Living Spirit Almighty, One, Indestructible, Absolute and Self-Existent Cause. This One manifests itself in and through all creation." We believe there is One all encompassing power and that power is God. We also believe that we, as expressions of God. create our lives through a natural law of cause and effect. We are empowered to change our lives by changing our thinking and our beliefs. Our beliefs are simple, but not necessarily easy. We feel they do, however, have the potential to transform our world into a place of peace and into a "World that Works for Everyone".

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